My Evil Alter-ego (eviltwin07) wrote in confession,
My Evil Alter-ego

I confess...

in real life, i appear to be the good-girl to compete with all good-girls. other than my problem controlling my use of curse-words. i'm trying to kick it. but sometimes it just feels so good to scream FUCK at the top of my lungs when i'm so agitated at everything.

i also confess that, though on the outside i'm a churchgoer that you'd expect to stay pure until married, i'm now practically a nymphomaniac. i'm no longer a virgin which very few people know. i love sex. i'd do it all day if my boyfriend could handle it. two days ago i pulled out all the stops and fucked him so long, so well, and so many times that HE turned it down when i wanted more. he was sexed-out! well, coming that many times is pretty tiring, i know that.

i'm a good girl. my evil side's just too good sometimes.
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